viernes, 21 de junio de 2013

The Tea Room

The afternoon was cold and cloudy, to where my mind could remember. I had had lunch and then drunk my coffee and ate my carrot cake, it had been baked by Miss Medley and it was absolutely delicious, wonderful and very tasty. The scene by the window was very picturesque, romantic, not very romantica but with ducks and birds flying around the Watermark lake. The greenish algae patches floating on the surface could make you think that everything was static, but it was not, it was not.

The very night someone came again back to the reservation banging doors and playing loud music, what an effort. I say reservation but I really wanted to say ´home´, like ´The Moon´, that is ´The Moon´.
In a world of insanity and grotesque maliciousness never mind what is what anymore, we have come to a point in life that whatever you do right or wrong, there is always someone to conciliate the rest of people about your failure, about your damage and about your losses in the pitch.  I was wondering about the lady neighbour opposite to my room, across the street, she came to me and said:  "Why do you hang your pants on the window just because it decreases the value of my property !?", my God I say nowadays, what a nonsense this real way of life.

I used to believe that there was always a way out, but nowadays I can't bother any more even to think about A possible way out.  Life goes away, it is true, but also the water.

"Never mind the ashes, keep the change", where the hell did I learn this sentence??? At the washing pots Area, A* restricted area. When you´ve swam in the shit you get to know the smell, you raise castles you get dust and so on and so on...

What then when you had already asumed, understood and undertook that you were already a loser in A constant hide in dark run away??? The black swam kept just picking the water, with no answer whatsoever.

"You will be blamed for something you didn´t do a thousand times, then you will want to die a thousand times, and a thousand times you will survive." From my dear old friend John Bayldon, may the Lord keep him in good shape. 

* ´A´ reads [ei].